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Veľká kongresová sála Veľká kongresová sála

Restaurant is suitable for smaller celebrations or weddings for 60-70 guests. One of the view from a restaurant is on the ruins of Vrsatec Castle. Restaurant is directly connected with a terrace and courtyard. It can be joined with congress hall.


Large Conference hall

The Large conference hall with a capacity of 150 guests is available for social and entertainment oriented services, such as weddings, receptions, seminars, training events, promotions, etc. In case of events with greater attendance the congress hall can be joined with the restaurant provding space for 200-230 guests. At guests disposal is a spacious terrace with a possibility to grill or roast over an open air fireplace or draw beers and cook goulash.

Reštaurácia- bufetový stôl Reštaurácia- bufetový stôl

Small Conference Hall

The Small conference hall has a capacity up to 50 people. It is perfect for company meetings or trainings or when you desire to have privacy and family celebrations.

Lounge is suitable for business meetings or family celebrations. It has a capacity of 30 guests.



Reštaurácia - porcovanie prasiatka Reštaurácia - porcovanie prasiatka

Billiard room

The room is usually used for playing pool, but it can be reassembled into a small meeting room for 8 to 10 people with leather armchairs, where you can have your privacy.

The refreshments during events are provided according to the requirements of the customer (buffet tables, menus, refreshments - cold, hot dishes).



Room Capacity Dimensions in meters
School sitting
Cinema sitting Banketsitting PDF Word

Large Conference hall

100 200 100 18 x 12 Veľká kongresová sála Velka kongresová sála - Word

Small Conference Hall

45 50 32 14,5 x 4,5 Malá kongresová sála Velka kongresová sála - Word
Louge 24 30 24 8 x 5,5 Malá kongresová sála Velka kongresová sála - Word
Restaurant - - - 20 x 7,5 Malá kongresová sála Velka kongresová sála - Word
Biliard room
- - 12 6,2 x 4,5 Malá kongresová sála Velka kongresová sála - Word

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